The PhD Nursing Education Summit at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing is a two-day meeting on the advancement, re-envisioning, and reaffirmation of doctoral nursing in North and South America. An international gathering of leaders and experts in nursing research and practice, the purpose of this summit is to forward recommendations for the growth and continued success of PhD nursing education throughout the Americas.

The first day, “Advancing PhD Nursing Education in the Americas,” will be an opportunity for invited participants from Latin America and the Caribbean and members of the PAHO/WHO Pan American Network of Nursing and Midwifery Collaborating Centers (PANMCC) to share and discuss innovations and strategies in PhD Nursing education at their universities. The day will be structured around advancing the recommendations from the PAHO/WHO report Formación doctoral en enfermería en América Latina y el Caribe, focusing especially on doctoral nursing education development and advancement.

During the second day, “Re-Envisioning PhD Programs of the Future,” invited participants from the top research-intensive universities across the US will examine recent advances in PhD education, discuss lessons learned and the competencies that new nurse scientists should gain through a research-intensive PhD program, and identify types of infrastructures and resources that are needed in the discipline, Schools of Nursing, and universities to advance PhD programs to support discovery and innovation. Participants from the PAHO region will hear plenary panels and discuss implications for presentations within the context of their countries and region.

Both days will combine panel talks and interactive roundtable discussions to generate actionable ideas and recommendations for participants’ respective regions of focus, culminating in a truly Pan-American effort to strengthen doctoral nursing education.


10/10/19: University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing (Claire M. Fagin Hall | 418 Curie Blvd. | Philadelphia, PA 19104), Room 203 (Meeting) | Perry World House (3803 Locust Walk | Philadelphia, PA 19104) (Dinner)

10/11/19: Perry World House (3803 Locust Walk | Philadelphia, PA)

Attire for this meeting will be business casual.

We would like to thank the following people for their support:
Planning Committees
Nancy Biller | Silvia Cassiani | Peggy Compton | Ivri Daniels | Julie Fairman | Nicholas Giordano | Nancy Hodgson | Kathy McCauley | Julie Sochalski | Janet Tomcavage
Elizabeth Madigan | Ahrin Mishan | Wanda Montalvo | Suzanne Miyamoto | Deborah Trautman | Beth Winkelstein | David Banks | Paule Joseph
And all of our wonderful speakers!